Support a Proven Leader!


There are several things about a campaign that I do not enjoy. Asking for money and bragging about my record are the top two. However, if the Republicans are going to maintain control of the NC House, we must elect a conservative Republican candidate that has experience, a proven track record of success and community support to win in November. I am the only candidate on the ballot in May that has a proven track record of voting against tax increases, creating a pro-business environment and actually implementing successful solutions to make our community better.

Job Creation – During my seven years on the Huntersville Town Council, I have help foster a business climate (by reducing government regulations) that has brought two international companies North American headquarters and hundreds of jobs to Huntersville . . .

Why Am I Running for House District 92?

Thank you for reading why I have chosen to seek this office. I came to this decision after a great deal of consideration. So why am I running?

The short version: I feel called to protect the right, liberties, freedoms, and way of life of the citizens of District 92. I feel no one else brings better qualifications and understanding of the issues to this race. I know that I am the best individual to represent this district. I hope you will honor me with your vote.

The long version: Running for office is a serious life decision. Before even coming to a decision, I spoke to my wife Jennifer. When Jennifer and I sat down to decide on whether running for NC House District 92 was even feasible, we looked at several items.  First and foremost was the impact on our family.  With a happy marriage and three young children, we had to decide that engaging in this process is something that we could handle and something we are willing to handle.



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